Defamation claims are alive and well in Minnesota

Clients often shy away from bringing defamation claims because damages can be difficult to prove, and the burden of a trial might actually exacerbate the harm caused by defamatory remarks.  But preserving your business’s reputation may be extremely important, and, in some cases absolutely essential.

Clients should carefully evaluate whether bringing a defamation claim makes sense under the particular circumstances.  A recent Minnesota District Court case shows that, in the right case, a jury will provide significant compensation for defamatory remarks.  In that case, a news station was found to have defamed a holistic healer, and caused her $1 million in damages, which is thought to be the largest defamation verdict in Minnesota history.  It remains to be seen whether that award is upheld, but, at the very least, the jury’s verdict shows that defamation claims are still viable in Minnesota courts.  See the report below.

Report on $1 million Defamation Verdict